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August 19, 2019
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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Calling for applicants: the 2020 Flinn Scholarship

It's time!

The Flinn Scholars Program needs your help recruiting high-school seniors from throughout Arizona to apply for the Flinn Scholarship.

Who We're Seeking

Among the many worthy students who excel in high school, students who go far in our process have an unusual combination of attributes:

→ Real intellectual and emotional depth, well beyond test-taking mastery.

→ Inclination for leadership roles at school and in the community, not to pad resumes but to make a difference that lasts beyond their involvement.

→ Self-assurance enough to decline the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities in favor of a world-class education right here in Arizona.


Flinn Scholars receive an award covering four years of tuition, mandatory fees, housing, and meals.

They join fellow Flinn Scholars on a fully-funded international seminar after their freshman year. And they receive further funding for study abroad. Plus personalized mentoring from brilliant faculty, community leaders, Flinn Foundation staff, and Flinn Scholar alumni.

(The benefits go on!)


The deadline for students to submit a Flinn Scholarship application is earlier than in past years—Monday, September 16, 2019.

The deadline for counselors and teachers to submit their recommendation forms is Wednesday, October 2.

Further details, including a link to the application and applicant FAQs, can be found on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We appreciate your help in spreading the word about the Flinn Scholarship!

Best regards,

Anne Lassen
Director of the Flinn Scholars Program
Flinn Foundation

Archon Holton "Now & Then" CD Released

Archon Holton has completed and released a new music CD titled "Now & Then". It includes eight original compositions and two covers. The CD title contrasts Archon Holton's current music compositions (Now) with his early days (Then) as a musician in St. Louis, MO where he led a R&B/Funk band called Nightwind. 

The CD was recorded and produced at Snoring Dog Recording studio here in Phoenix, AZ.

You can download the CD to your music library from Apple iTunes or Amazon

You can also preview all 10 CD songs using the streaming player below.

Archon and Archousa Umphrey Scholarship Foundation

Gregory L. Umphrey

Archon and  Archousa  Umphrey have started a foundation to provide scholarships to medical students from African-American / Black, Latinx, and Native American backgrounds to cover the significant cost of attending medical school.  Today was the launch day of the foundation website and the start of something great for minorities in medicine.  Please support and support the  organization web site located here.

More about ElevateMeD:

ElevateMeD, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Directors that was developed out of the need to elevate medicine to an ideal where the physician workforce racially and ethnically represents the community served.  The cost of medical education in the United States has become prohibitive, distracting bright students from seeking a career in medicine. Medical students from racial and ethnic backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in medicine are facing unprecedented levels of indebtedness, stifling their future career choices.  The ElevateMeD Scholars program will provide significant financial assistance to medical students while providing them access to mentorship, leadership training, and financial management education. ElevateMeD Scholars will become the next generation of physician leaders, well poised to continue the cycle of philanthropy and dedication to community.  The first set of scholars will be selected in 2020.