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July 04, 2020
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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Our first TV ad is ready and I want you to see it first

Friends, I have a big announcement: Thanks to the overwhelming support of people like you, our first TV ad is ready — and it starts airing today! We are thrilled to give you the chance to see it first.

But first, my team has set a major $15,000 goal to keep this ad on the air, and I need to make sure we keep it on the airwaves to spread our message.

If you can help, please click here and give what you can today. »

I'm running for Congress to unseat Republican incumbent David Schweikert, one of Donald Trump's biggest allies, who just voted against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

I'm running because our government and policing systems are broken and it's time to turn our anger into action. We need meaningful reforms — body cameras, better police training, no chokeholds, and full accountability for bad behavior.

I'm running to build a better future for my grandson Jordan Jr., who just finished kindergarten, and for his generation. That's why I got into this race to begin with, and the events of the last month have crystallized that for me.

Together, we must unseat David Schweikert, who remains silent while Trump refuses to focus on the policy reforms this country so desperately needs, like my Nine-Point Plan for Real Police Reform.

Archon Holton: Love Will Win the Day Music Video

Luke C. Holton

Archon Holton has released the first video from his recently released “Now & Then” CD. The song is titled “Love Will Win the Day”. 

When love can’t be found
Know that hope is all around
Just open up your heart
Its alway where the healing starts

The “Now & Then” CD is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. I hope you enjoy it and please share the message with your friends.

Archon Tim Woods & Son: A Bond Beyond the Badge

Happy Father's Day from the Phoenix Police

Sire Archon Kevin Robinson Appointed to the Arizona Judicial Council

Kevin L. Robinson
On Friday, June 12, 2020, Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert M. Brutinel appointed Gamma Mu Boule´ Sire Archon Kevin Robinson to the Arizona Judicial Council.  Robinson becomes one of eight Public Members serving in this capacity for a three year term.
The Arizona Judicial Council (AJC) is a policy-making body that oversees the judicial system in Arizona. AJC was created in 1990 and, in accordance with Arizona Code of Judicial Administration §1-104, assists the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice in the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the administration of all courts, uniformity in court operations, and coordination of court services that will improve the administration of justice in the state of Arizona. 
View official press release here.

Archon George Strait Is New Sire Archon of the Pacific Region

George A. Strait Jr.

Archon George Strait assumed the Chair of the Pacific Regional Boule, at the Regional Meeting in Pasadena in October, 2019. Archon Strait has served the Pacific Region in a number of leadership capacities. After a very distinguishable career as the ABC National Health Reporter, Archon Strait works as a communication consultant to various government agencies. His primary focus will be refining and implementing a strategic plan for the Pacific Region.