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July 21, 2019
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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Michele Halyard Listed as "Mogul of Medicine" in Phoenix Magazine's Great 48


When Michele Halyard was 5, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she survived, and the experience motivated Halyard to become a radiation oncologist and to co-found the Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer. “I’m passionate about patient care,” she says. “My research centers on quality of life in cancer patients; that’s what I’ve devoted my life to.” Now Halyard is channeling that passion into her position as dean of Mayo Clinic’s 2-year-old Arizona medical school. “Mayo’s primary value is ‘The best interest of the patient,’” Halyard explains. “Our guiding philosophy is ‘The best interest of the student.’” Students are supported by academic, mental health and wellness coaches. In turn, they’re passing on the passion by starting a clinic to serve refugees.

Read full article courtesy of Phoenix Magazine here.

Archon and Archousa Umphrey Scholarship Foundation

Gregory L. Umphrey

Archon and  Archousa  Umphrey have started a foundation to provide scholarships to medical students from African-American / Black, Latinx, and Native American backgrounds to cover the significant cost of attending medical school.  Today was the launch day of the foundation website and the start of something great for minorities in medicine.  Please support and support the  organization web site located here.

More about ElevateMeD:

ElevateMeD, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by a Board of Directors that was developed out of the need to elevate medicine to an ideal where the physician workforce racially and ethnically represents the community served.  The cost of medical education in the United States has become prohibitive, distracting bright students from seeking a career in medicine. Medical students from racial and ethnic backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in medicine are facing unprecedented levels of indebtedness, stifling their future career choices.  The ElevateMeD Scholars program will provide significant financial assistance to medical students while providing them access to mentorship, leadership training, and financial management education. ElevateMeD Scholars will become the next generation of physician leaders, well poised to continue the cycle of philanthropy and dedication to community.  The first set of scholars will be selected in 2020.

Racial Equity In 2020 Census Explored By Georgetown Provost, Other Experts

May 1, 2019 – The importance of racial equity in the 2020 census was the subject of an expert panel discussion yesterday, moderated by Georgetown Provost Robert Groves, former United States Census Bureau director.

The panel comprised Beth Lynk, Census Counts Campaign director for The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change; and Gary Bass, executive director of the Bauman Foundation.

Photo from left, Beth Lynk, Rashad Robinson and Gary Bass talk about racial equity and the 2020 Census, in a panel discussion moderated by Georgetown's provost and former U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.

Groves, who oversaw the 2010 U.S. Census, noted that people of color and those residing in poorer urban areas or sparsely populated rural areas are typically undercounted, which the panelists found problematic.

“If communities of color miss out on representation and resources they deserve, that’s a civil rights issue and something we’ll be catching up with over the next 10 years,” Lynk said.

Robinson suggested that the best way to get people to participate in the census is to have their trusted neighbors approach them.

People need to see census advocates that come from within the community, he said.

“The people closest to the problem are closest to the solution,” Robinson explained.

You can also find addition resources on the 2020 Census at the links below:


2020 Census Race Counts from CPNL, Georgetown University on Vimeo.