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March 20, 2018
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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Archon Cecil Patterson Receives Pioneer Award at ASU West

Archon Patterson has been selected as the the 2018 award recipient in honor of the outstanding contribution you have made to the life and culture of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In 2002 the Arizona State University at the West campus Black History Month Coordinating Committee initiated an annual Pioneer Award that recognizes African Americans who have made significant contributions to the life and culture of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. In addition to the late Dr. Eugene Grigsby, our first honoree, we have recognized such luminaries as Ms. Betty Fairfax, Ms. Jean Fairfax, Mr. Clay Dix, Mr. Calvin Goode, Ms. Carol Coles Henry, Judge Jean A. Williams, Rev. Warren Stewart, and Ms. Fatimah Halim to name a few. 

More information available here.

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2018 Living History Program

For those unable to attend Saturday’s program you missed a truly inspiring event where our young adults from Jack & Jill and the Cotillion Debutantes did a remarkable job in honoring local leaders.  This event was largely successful because of the meaningful contributions of many Archons.  I’d like to thank Archons Leverett, Lynk and Patterson for their contributions and guidance in selecting the program’s theme and selecting the honorees.
I would also like to thank the Archons who dedicated time to coach-up the teens to deliver extremely engaging and effective presentations.  Those answering the call are –
  • Archon Ed Baker
  • Archon Nathan Cabbil
  • Archon Kelvin Kinsey
  • Archon Jerome Sims
  • Archon Bruce Spigner
  • Archon Lee Topps
Lastly, I would be remiss for not congratulating Archon George Dean for being recognized for his longstanding impact and contributions.  We certainly learned a little more about the best of him on Saturday.
Photos from the event can be view here.
Archon Bolden

Archons Clarence McAllister and Kenny Poole completed the Mesa-Phoenix 1/2 marathon

Archons Clarence McAllister and Kenny Poole completed the Mesa-Phoenix 1/2 marathon. 

The Half Marathon has a beautiful race course that begins on the corner of McDowell and Norwalk near WAXIE. the course descends down to the Riverview Shopping Center. Half marathon runners will experience nearly 350 feet of net elevation loss in this gentle downhill route that is great for a first time half marathon. Half Marathon runners will enjoy the diverse scenery from the desert vistas down to the beautiful citrus groves.

For more information on the marathon click here.

Archon Lipscomb Center of Hope (Haiti)

James Lipscomb

Please take a moment to enjoy this inspiring video documenting the great work being done by Archon Lipscomb in Hinche, Haiti. The film highlights the challenges and achievements of the past year, as well as our vision for the years ahead. The film features the recently completed school building for our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. The vision for the Center of Hope Haiti (COHH) campus is to build three additional school buildings to serve grades one through nine. More information regarding COHH can be found here.

Video updated 2/19/2018.

Archons Bland and Wethers Honored as REAP Men of Distinction

Darren E. Wethers
Donald C. Bland

Both Archons Bland and Wethers honored as 2018 REAP Men of Distinction. They will receive their awards at the 2018 Men of Distinction Dinner Feb 20, 2018 at the Wrigley Mansion.

The Men Of Distinction (MOD) event has focused on bringing together like-minded, black men who are committed to community and are interested in contributing their time, treasures and talents.  With all guest slots filled and a growing waiting list, we anticipate this to be the best MOD event to date.

Adult Ed. Course at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

Myles V. Lynk

Dear Archons,

Good evening!  Please find attached a flyer for an adult education course I am offering at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church on five Saturday afternoons in March and April.   It is open to all.  Saturday afternoon seemed the best time for people whose Sundays may be devoted to church and whose weeknight evenings are filled with family and other activities.

The subject is a bit different -- Homer's Iliad.  It is based on a course I have taught in other venues, and to Barrett Honors College students at ASU, for many years.  Contrary to popular entertainment, The Iliad is the greatest epic poem in western literature because it is a wonderfully nuanced character study, an exciting war story and a deep exploration of religion, life and death.  Please consider coming, and please tell your friends about it.  While it is targeted to adults, high school seniors and college students who are interested in the subject, are welcome too.    


Archon Myles Lynk

New Pacific Regional Officers

At the end of a fabulous Regional Boule put on by Seattle's Alpha Omicron, Grand Sire Archon Coleman announced the Pacific Region officers for the next biennium. G. Bernard Brown from Xi boule is the Regional Sire, George Strait from Alpha Gamma is the new Regional Sire-Elect, Kevin Robinson from Gamma Mu continues as the Regional Grammateus, Christian Gonzalez from Gamma Zeta is the new  Regional Graptor, Landon Taylor from Epsilon Epsilon is the new Regional Rhetoricus, George Mallory from Xi is the new Regional Agogos and John Harris from Gamma Mu continues as the Regional Thesaristis.