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April 06, 2020
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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SIGMA PI PHI | Fraternity Mourns the Passing of Archon Judson F. Eneas

Dear Archons:

It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of Archon Judson Eneas of Delta Lambda Boulé in Nassau, Bahamas. Archon Eneas exemplified the Boulé Spirit and sought to get to know the best of each Archon he met during his 26 years as a member of the Boulé. Archon Eneas served with distinction as a charter Archon and Sire Archon of Delta Lambda Boulé, he served as Sire Archon of the Southeast Region, and he was a candidate for Grand Sire Archon-Elect for the 2020-2022 biennium. He achieved the Harvey Russell Fellow status with the Boulé Foundation which is a testament of his commitment to giving his time, talents and treasures to the Boulé.

It was inevitable that this devastating pandemic would fatally impact Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity. Yet, this hits close to home for me and all who knew Archon Eneas because he was a quintessential Archon, a renowned physician, loving husband, father and grandfather and a most gracious host. It was an honor to serve with Archon Eneas on the Grand Executive Committee and I will cherish all of the moments that I enjoyed his joyous fellowship.

Archousa Vincent and I offer our deepest condolences to Archousa Marcheta Eneas, his son Archon Kashta Eneas of Epsilon Tau Boulé, his family and Archons of Delta Lambda Boulé. We will keep you apprised of any arrangements. Please keep the Eneas family and Delta Lambda Boulé in your prayers.


Gregory J. Vincent
Grand Sire Archon

After 20 years, Professor Myles Lynk has retired from ASU Law’s full-time faculty

At the beginning of his classes, Arizona State University law Professor Myles Lynk would share the poem “Ithaca” by Constantine Cavafy, reminding students that the long and challenging journey ahead is as much the prize as the destination is.

As you set out for Ithaca
hope your road is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.

And throughout a career that has taken him across the country and beyond, there has been a common thread for Lynk. Whether volunteering in the Pruitt-Igoe housing project of St. Louis, leading social work in Uganda, serving on the White House domestic policy staff during the Carter administration, becoming the first African American partner at Dewey Ballantine LLP or serving as president of the District of Columbia Bar, he has always worked for the greater good.

Read entire article courtesy of ASU University here.

Beware of ‘ZoomBombing:’ screensharing filth to video calls

Luke C. Holton


After our last online business meeting, I thought about how many of us are conducting more business and social video calls due to COVID-19. That being the case, I want to remind all to protect your online video calls from internet trolls who take delight entering Zoom meetings with the intent to blast your viewers with pornography and/or virus infected files.

The following are some steps to protect your online meetings from "ZoomBombers"...

  • Disable “Join Before Host” so people can’t cause trouble before you arrive.
  • Enabling “Co-Host” so you can assign others to help moderate.
  • Disable “File Transfer” so there’s no digital virus sharing.
  • Disable “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” so booted attendees can’t slip back in.
  • Password protect your meetings.

This is not limited to Zoom. Similar precautions should be taken if you use different video call software like WebEx.

The following article is from

The world is vulnerable to a new type of trolling as people turn to Zoom video calls to feel connected amidst quarantines. Jerks are using Zoom’s screensharing feature to blast other viewers with the most awful videos from across the internet, from violence to shocking pornography.

That’s just what happened today on the WFH Happy Hour, a popular daily public Zoom call hosted by The Verge reporter Casey Newton and investor Hunter Walk. Suddenly, dozens of attendees were bombarded with disturbing imagery. A troll entered the call and screenshared Two Girls, One Cup and other horrifying sexual videos. Attempts to block the attack were thwarted as the perpetrator simply re-entered the call under a new name and screenshared more gross-out clips. The hosts ended the call rather than subject viewers to the assault until they could stop it.

Read full article courtesy of here.

Archon Holton

Pacific Region Data Manager


Archon Baker answers coronavirus questions during ABC15 phone bank with Equality Health

Edmond L. Baker Jr

As news of coronavirus cases and impacts across the country continues to grow, questions around the virus and its spread are also keeping health professionals busy.

ABC15 is partnering with Equality Health medical professionals tonight for a phone bank from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to answer your questions surrounding the coronavirus.

Equality Health is a Phoenix-based, tech-enabled healthcare delivery system that partners with health plans to work with providers and improve patient experience across Arizona. The company's professionals will use guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, Arizona Department of Health Services, the World Health Organization, and healthcare best practices relating to virus outbreaks and infectious diseases.

Callers won't be diagnosed over the phone, but will be provided resources and valuable information, like symptoms of the virus.

"We can tell you your resources, where you can go for things, and also give you next steps," said Dr. Edmond Baker, medical director for Equality Health.

Read complete article and watch interview courtesy ABC 15 Arizona here.

Cecil Patterson, First African American State Appellate Court Judge

Cecil Patterson says he can still hear his father’s voice speaking at the breakfast table of his youth.

“My dad would talk about wishing that he could have had the opportunity to go to law school," Patterson said, "and you know that fixation sticks in your head.”

But like his father, Patterson couldn’t afford it. After finishing college in 1963, he joined the Air Force, which would eventually bring him to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

After five years of service, Patterson used the GI Bill to attend law school at Arizona State University. When he started, there were only three black attorneys in the state.

“Which is part of the reason I decided to stay," Patterson said. "Because I figured this is fertile ground and I could try to do something in that void.”

So he went to work for the public in legal services, as a public defender, and as an attorney at the Phoenix Urban League.

He worked on civil rights housing issues, helping develop a new program that would later become the Section 8 voucher program.

He says the years spent as a public defender were some of his favorites and he relished the combative nature of trial work.

“Generally the state had the goods on the clients, so you had to be creative, you had to be expansive at times," Patterson said. "It called on your flexibility and creativity, and I loved that. It was fun, lot’s of fun.”

Read full article courtesy of KJZZ here.

Listen to KJZZ radio interview here.

Living History Program – 2020

Congratulations to the Tri-Chair Team representing The Phoenix Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., The Phoenix Chapter of The Links, Inc., and Gamma Mu Boule for presenting an outstanding 2020 Living History Program. The program was hosted by Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Pastor Terrey E Mackey, and very well attended by the community; including a strong representation of Gamma Mu Boule Archons.

This year’s theme was “The Art of Academia” celebrating and honoring pioneers from our community who have devoted their lives and careers to the education and development of our young people. Honorees were:

  • Archon, Dr. Rufus Glasper
  • Dr. Neal A Lester
  • Dr. Josephine Pete
  • Dr. Lavern S Tarkington
  • Dr. Camilla Westenberg
  • Archousa, Dr. Stacia Wilson

The Living History Program is one of the programs supported by our community service organization; Gamma Mu Educational Services, Inc., (GMES). While the program highlights the recognition of distinguished honorees, it has a dual objective of providing young people from the sponsoring organizations the opportunity to interact with these pioneers directly, learn and develop skills. Teams of youth, working with adult mentors, meet with the honorees to gather information about their background, careers, family and wisdom on life. The teams then prepare a PowerPoint presentation that is used to introduce the honoree to the audience during the program. In the process, the teens learn and develop valuable skills in the areas of planning, teamwork, interviewing and public speaking.

A special thanks to Archon Jocquese Blackwell who represented Gamma Mu on the Tri-Chair Team and Archons Edmond Baker, Tyrone Benson, Donald Bland, Tony Franklin, Kevin Robinson and Dwayne Sansone who served as Team Mentors working with the youth teams.

A photo gallery of this event has been uploaded to our online Photo Gallery.

Well done Archons!!

PRSA George Strait Gamma Mu Visit

George A. Strait Jr.

PRSA George Strait Gamma Mu attended the February Gamma Mu business meeting in Scottsdale AZ. The meeting was well attended by both Gamma Mu (Phoenix) and Gamma Alpha (Tucson) Archons. RPSA George Strait shared his vision and took questions from the group during a very productive meeting.

A photo gallery from the event is available here.

Join Me in Supporting Archon Karl Gentles

My name is Archon Karl Gentles of Gamma Mu Boulé (Phoenix), and I am a Democratic Candidate for Arizona's 6th Congressional District. Attached is a prospectus about my campaign and further background on my canidacy. Download the prospectus here.
I hope you can take a momement to review these documents, and I will be following up within the next few days. Thank you in advance for your suppport. 

Archon Karl Gentles
Gamma Mu Boulé
... ...

Archon George Strait Is New Sire Archon of the Pacific Region

George A. Strait Jr.

Archon George Strait assumed the Chair of the Pacific Regional Boule, at the Regional Meeting in Pasadena in October, 2019. Archon Strait has served the Pacific Region in a number of leadership capacities. After a very distinguishable career as the ABC National Health Reporter, Archon Strait works as a communication consultant to various government agencies. His primary focus will be refining and implementing a strategic plan for the Pacific Region.