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March 25, 2019
Gamma Mu • Phoenix AZ
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Smart Farming Through The Internet Of Things

Donald T. Franklin II

By Forbes Contributor Lorin Fries

The so-called “smart agriculture” market is projected to reach $13.5 billion by 2023. As technologies like the Internet of Things transform business and farming operations from the U.S. to East Africa and India, there is enormous opportunity to improve the quality and sustainability of our food – not just the volume of yield. I spoke with Tony Franklin, General Manager for the Internet of Things at Intel Corporation, about the trends and examples he sees in this space.

Lorin Fries: How does Intel address food systems through its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio?

Tony Franklin: We try to identify how our technologies can be applied to solve problems for target markets and customers. We focus primarily on high-performance computer technologies, as well as communication technologies, which have great applicability for food systems. We work closely with a broad ecosystem of partners to enable more data collection about the environment, to analyze that data, and to improve our ability to make decisions that improve operations, including on farms.

Read entire article courtesy of Forbes here.

African-American law enforcement officers balance dual identities

Criminal justice system professionals talk about racism, reform during panel at ASU

African-American law enforcement officers must balance two identities simultaneously during these complicated times, and each identity serves the other, according to a panel discussion at Arizona State University on Thursday night.

Five African-American men discussed the complexity of race in their experiences as professionals in the criminal justice system in a talk titled “Being Blue from a Black Perspective” at the Beus Center for Law and Society on the Downtown Phoenix campus.

Kevin Robinson, a lecturer in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a retired police officer, said that a student recently asked him: “Are you a black law enforcement officer or a law enforcement officer who happens to be black?”

Read complete article compliments of Arizona State University here.

Patient-Experience Data and Bias — What Ratings Don’t Tell Us

Kenneth G. Poole Jr.

The gradual transformation from volume-based to value-based reimbursement mechanisms, coupled with increased competition for market share and brand loyalty, has made patient experience ratings as important as other quality measures for health care organizations. In his perspective article for the New England Journal of Medicine, Archon Kenneth Poole, medical director of patient experience at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, explores the complexities of interpreting patient experience survey data and what practitioners and health organizations can learn from the process. 

In his accompanying NEJM podcast, which was published in tandem with the article, Archon Poole covers:

  • How health organizations interpret and utilize patient experience data
  • Common sources of bias, particularly racial bias towards African American physicians
  • Challenges: what to do when survey scoring and a patient’s perception of care may not truly reflect the level of quality/service provided

Listen to podcast here.

Read article courtesy of The New England Journal of Medicine here.

Also the attached manuscript (link below) on the emergence of [Agile] project management in healthcare and how Mayo Clinic has infused such into our informatics and business functions.  Those of you with careers and backgrounds in operations will find this particularly familiar and interesting. View document here.


2019 - Gamma Mu Educational Services (GMES) Inc. Fundraiser Golf Tournament

Tyrone Strozier

February 1, 2019

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for your past support of Gamma Mu Educational Services (GMES) Inc. in our efforts to bring mentoring guidance, positive role modeling and leadership development to young men and boys in our community. GMES, Inc. is once again inviting you to provide sponsor support and participate in our annual fund raising golf tournament. We are again partnering with Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale, to host the tournament at their Talon Course on May 18, 2019. Please visit for detailed registration information.

Your past support of GMES, Inc. and our golf tournament has positively impacted the lives of over 700 boys and young men who have participated in GMES, Inc. supported programs over the years. Our GMES, Inc. Board has approved for disbursement $56,500 in funding to our local partners whose work and mission supports our “Pathways To Excellence” mission objectives.  

African American Men of Arizona State University pastedGraphic.png

Omega Youth Leadership Academy 

Kappa League Guide Right Program

Project Alpha

We are committed to the positive development of young men and boys, empowering them with knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to build confidence and foster personal and professional achievement in the class room and community.   

In addition to these organizational funding grants, GMES, Inc. continues to sponsor the “Honors College Speakers Series” program at Grand Canyon University and the “Arizona Living History Program”. Both these programs include funding, the administration and active participation of GMES, Inc. members all of whom are successful business and professional leaders.  

We sincerely appreciate your past support and look forward to having you join us for our 2019 fundraising golf tournament.  You can find more information about GMES,



Tyrone A. Strozier

Tournament Chairman